Beauty Of Nature!

Albert Einstein said, Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. In our case, I wish we had the time to stop and see.
The rising sun from the sea
The cool breeze adds to glee.
The water droplets that fall on earth
A new form of life takes birth.
The blooming of a serene lily
Or the comely wind making the weather chilly.
The color of the wings of a butterfly
Makes my living dignify.
The chirping of sparrows in the morning
Makes my love for life more adorning.
Or the whistling of the leaves and buzzing of the bees
Plays music in my heart and puts me at ease.
The shining stars in the night sky
Take my thoughts away I can’t deny.
The splashing of the brook on the rocks
Makes my mind clear and thinking out of the box.
It’d be so much darker without the sun
Without the sea there would be water none.
There would be no chirping of birds in the air
And only life-form would be humans to care.
Today it’s so soothing to just look around
Tomorrow the honking of vehicles maybe the only sound.
There is still a lot we can do
To let the river remain blue.

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