You Strengthen Me!

A feeling of regret, disappointment or sorrow due to failure of expression of love.
A meaningful way of saying sorry and convey that one knows the importance of other
in life.
You’ve been there the times I’ve cried
But have I ever wiped your tears
 You’ve been there to listen to me
Even though I contradict what you say
 You’re patient when I’m angry
But you never show anger on me
 You do everything to make me smile
Haven’t I always turned you so low
 You’re right by my side when I’m alone
But was I there even in need
 You’ve always shared all that you’ve had
But have I ever given you a bit of happiness
 You’ve always been there in tough times or bad
But have I stood beside as firm as you are
 You’ve always showcased your love and care
But haven’t I always failed to express
 I’m sorry for it’s me that you’ve bared
In return for the times you’ve cared.

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